Solar PV plant on disused landfill site

Weisser Weg I

Disused landfill site: In July 2015 a letter of intent with the Department of Ecology of the City of Chemnitz set the starting point for this final step of a sustainable land conversion. In the seventies this landfill has been used for collecting hazardous waste by the regional district of the former Republic of Eastern Germany. Since 1997 the meanwhile remediated and disused landfill site is adminstrated by the Waste Management Association of Chemnitz. The area of the site, which is used for the solar PV plant, has been recultivated by 2005. With consequent joint forces between the provincial headquartes of Saxony, the City of Chemnitz, Waste Management Association of Chemnitz and the team of ENERGISTO and its network partners this project could be successfully developed and realized. One speciality the partners involved had to face with was the sensitive handling of the surface of the recultivated landfill body.

2.3 MW


Saxony, Germany
Ground mounted
2.7 ha
approx. 2,300,000 kWh/a
»Neue Energie«
approx. 700
approx. 1,345.5 t/a


Stefan Albrecht
Project Engineering
Thilo von Haas
Investor Relations, Project communication
Marc Iori
Project communication

for the local community

  • regional renewables showcase
  • use of solar energy on a disused landfill site

for the environment

  • less intrusive for the nature due to a special anchoring of the PV substructure on the leafy recultivation layer
  • micro climatic valueable location for plants under the solar modules

…special feature of this project

  • sustainable land conversion i.e. from a former landfill with hazardous waste to a solar PV plant with clean energy production