»If you can trust a person, you don’t need a contract. If you can’t trust a person, a contract is useless.«

Thilo von Haas

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Director of Sales & Operations
Sales Development, Operations
Germany, Great Britain, France, Philippines
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Born and bred in South-West Germany, adopted by Munich. Studied Civil Engineering at Technische Universität München and Engineering and Management at Zweibrücken University of Applied Sciences. Career start in an engineering office for project management, tunnel construction and hydro engineering, continued by positions in the classic construction industry, where he soon took on responsibility becoming general manager of a construction company.
His topics are the building and leading of teams for sales, procurement and execution of construction work. After a leading position with an EPC contractor specialised on energy efficient wood construction he moved on to an international project developer for solar and hydro power projects where he spent the last years as COO and managing director.
As one of ENERGISTO’s founding fathers he is continuously developing our association and its international network and procures and manages projects. As key account manager of ENERGISTO he attends to our clients and also operates „in the front line“ of our projects. His clients and partners value him as experienced, trusting and open sparring partner.