Project diversity in different markets


Markets worldwide

We deliver team performance in thouroughly evaluated markets worldwide, either as contractor, partner, or on a self-initiated basis. As such, we gather and bundle knowledge within a wide range of project development as well as organisational tasks respecting the underlaying regional and cultural conditions of specific markets.

Committed to explore new opportunities in order to release new energy, we are well on our way and experienced in the following countries with a focus on solar PV but always carrying our know-how in hydro and biogas power with us:

  • Germany (in operation)
  • Austria (in operation)
  • Netherlands (in operation)
  • France (in operation)
  • Philippines (in operation)
  • United Kingdom (in operation)
  • Guatemala (developing)
  • Turkey (active till 2016, under observation)
  • Africa (under observation)


At the cutting edge of renewable energy

In Germany the team of ENERGISTO has its longest history (origin in hydro power in 1992) coupled with a large treasure trove in solar PV, hydro and biogas power.

We are engaged in all phases of project development of renewable power plants up to individual planning work, construction management and marketing development for renewable energy enterprises.

The flexible use of our different disciplines and competencies with brief reaction times provide us access on projects in this highly competitive market.

Since 2015, we have also specialised in the planning and development of photovoltaic power plants on disused landfills.


PV market for endurance qualities

Together with the experienced PV developer Kronos Solar we started to develop this market in autumn 2015. Focus of this JV are large scale PV plants.

Despite an economically challenging market there is a steady growth on the PV sector since 2015, which is regulated based on a national bidding system.

Site identification and persuasive power against land owner and local authorities is key in order to produce solar power on basically suitable sites.

In addition to this, project development time could take even longer than known from other PV markets. Endurance of resources deployed coupled with our native and cross cultural access to this market underpin our engagement there.

Great Britain

Market development with our most valueable experiences

In UK the team of ENERGISTO developed, built and operated their largest PV power plants so far. Between 2010 and 2015 over 100 MWp has been planned, developed and realized.

In this market the current team of ENERGISTO which has been under the flag of AEE Renewables until beginning of 2014 and doing business under their own flag since mid of 2014, could actively proof its competencies along the whole PV value chain.

Mainly this experience out of successful realized projects has driven our current business in exploring new markets with the needed solidity and level of detail.

Since 2018, we are planning and developing subsidy-free ground mounted solar PV power plants beyond 50 MWp per project.


Emerging market for renewables in the APAC region

Joint forces in German engineering and local key performers achieved to well positioning photovoltaics in the southern region of the Philippines. Major focus so far – mid to large size commercial PV rooftop installations.

Detailed site inspections and power consumption analysis are basis for the customized elaboration of planning offers for industrial, commercial and public clients.

The first result was a 500kWp rooftop PV system at the University (NDDU) in General Santos City in August 2017. Further rooftop PV systems with more than 600 kWp followed in 2018/2019. Meanwhile ENERGISTO Philippines is taking a pioneering role in the Mindanao region for rooftop PV systems under the so-called “Net-Metering” scheme. Further projects on rooftops and ground mounted are in planning phase.

Find out more about selected projects and about our activities in the Philippines.