More solar landfills

Since 2015, the development of solar power plants on disused landfills, either as contract development or as own project development, has become a special field of ENERGISTO. In the meantime, more than 60 MWp of generator capacity of this type of photovoltaic power plant have been developed and managed in Europe. The ENERGISTO team is in constant contact with landfill operators and relevant players in this sector at specialist meetings and conferences


2015—Constant development
Solar landfill
60 MW


  • Specially tested system concept with regard to the stability of the landfill site and the compatibility of the intervention to protect the surface sealing system.
  • High QM standards, also with regard to construction supervision and self-testing of third-party plants.
  • The entire technical plant planning and the preparation of the approval documents are developed “in-house”.
  • Cooperation with renowned specialist planning offices experienced in landfill construction with regard to external expert opinions/assessments required by the authorities.