Weisser Weg II

The second expansion stage of the solar power plant on the former waste disposal site at Weißer Weg, Chemnitz, will be realized and connected to the grid in the second half of 2020.
The economic concept of this photovoltaic plant includes a tender award from the Federal Network Agency and a plant lease model for the local landfill operator AWVC.
In addition to an existing block heat and power plant, solar power is also to contribute to the residual waste treatment plant's own electricity supply.
With both expansion stages, the “solar landfill site” will have a total generator size of approx. 9 MWp.
With this project, the ENERGISTO team was able to set a further milestone by covering all relevant disciplines in the in-house project development.


Saxony, Germany
Ground mounted
6.1 ha
6,400,000 kWh/a
»Neue Energie«
approx. 1,950

for the local community

  • Sustainable and meaningful land conversion.

for the environment

  • Limit land consumption and produce clean energy. Substantial regional contribution to decentralized power supply from renewable energies.

…special feature of this project

  • By the end of 2020, meanwhile 4 landfill sites of the operator AWVC could be equipped with a total of approx. 16 MWp of photovoltaic capacity to foster the ecological subsequent use of these sites.