It's more sun in the Philippines

NDDU, Highway Campus

While ENERGISTO furthered its market entry in the Philippines an early cooperative dialogue commenced with the responsibles of the local Notre Dame of Dadiangas University who have been highly interested in an alternative power supply through solar energy. After an appropriate energy consumption analysis, economic computation and rooftop inspection combined with an initial technical planning the university president, Brother P. Corpus, could be quickly convinced to cover a large part of the University‘s future energy demand through solar power. The board of directors backed his approach and with the official confirmation of the vatican the project has been finally sealed at a public event with engineering students and interested guests in January 2017.

Rooftop PV


General Santos City, Mindanao, Ph
Project Development
0.5 MW
approx. 0.37 ha
approx. 695,000 kWh/a
»Neue Energie«
approx. 417 t/a


Stefan Albrecht
Project Engineering
Marc Iori
Projekt controlling & -organisation
Thilo von Haas
Project development & -management, purchase

Special details:

  • local showcase solar project on public building with approx. 70% of self consumption
  • a sample for engineering students in the sector of power engineering
  • Know how transfer in the area of renewables through student involvement during construction phase combined with guest lectures
  • support of a students‘ project which is a mobile charging station supplied by solar energy

Watch a video by the students of NDDU as a part of their educational program.