100MW plus

Since 2010 the founders of ENERGISTO (established in 2014) have played significant roles in the development and implementation of solar power plants in Great Britain, Germany, France and in the Philippines. Our learning curve with regard to community integration, transparent project communication, bespoke planning and implementation, up to investor relations and PPAs with major industrial consumers has been high. Thus we have the experience and a firm basis for project development. Individual ENERGISTS already had an industrial rooftop installation and solar parks in their portfolios. The development and building of hydro power plants and biogas installations are adding to our well-rounded portfolio.

> 100 MW




Stefan Albrecht
Project Engineering
Clément Delhoume
Project Engineering
Thilo von Haas
Project Management
Marc Iori
Marketing & Communication
Christoph Prenosil
Communication concepts & implementation, Project Support & Visualisation
Private: Mustafa Yurtsever
Technical Development Solar Parks
Dr. Bernhard Thiersch
Project Development

Highlights of our work until 2014

    • Showcase project for power self sufficiency through solar power on the rooftop of a factory in one of Turkey’s most popular industrial zones. Private wire supplying the factory’s cafeteria and hospital.
    • Solar farm in South England integrated in climate neutral housing and development project
    • Award for one of the „Most innovative marketing campaigns“ at the British „Solar Power Portal Awards“ through a broad range and consistently implemented project

communication and PR (e.g. project blogs). We focussed on fostering public acceptance and reducing prejudices towards renewable energy projects through involving local governments, citizens, landowners, local businesses and media.

  • Solar farm in South England for direct electricity supply of neighbouring engine factory. Effects substantial reduction of factory’s carbon emissions, thus making it a landmark project of this multinational’s sustainability programme. Community benefits from 1.5 km newly created footpaths.


In content and timing these above mentioned highlights refer solely to the activities detailed above of the team members Stefan Albrecht, Clément Delhoume, Ralph Döring, Marc Iori, Christoph Prenosil, Thilo von Haas, who were then acting project based in their functions as employees of the Aktiengesellschaft für Erneuerbare Energien and AEE Betriebs GmbH.