»We release new energy – in nature, people, organisations and property.«



In the interplay of expertise and a fundamental understanding of the market we know about the natural power of synergies with trusted partners. Cooperative and networking – this is how we work and “release new energy”.

The house of ENERGISTO. A interdisciplinary team of specialists for new energy under one roof. Our common drive: the promotion and use of renewable energy.

Nine founding fathers. Connected entrepreneurs. On a common level. Complementing in their disciplines, such as civil engineering, industrial engineering and management, electrical and mechanical engineering, business administration, marketing & communication and project management. Seven of them laid the foundation for this cooperative while working together for AEE Renewables Group: from 2009 to 2014 that team successfully developed, implemented and operated PV-projects of sizes up to 20MW in Germany, England and Turkey. In the summer of 2014 two long-term business partners, at home in PV, hydro and bio energy, completed the circle of now nine ENERGISTS. The start of year one.

The heart of our three service areas is the development and implementation of renewable energy power plants. We focus on PV-systems, biogas and hydro power plants. We offer our practical and wide-ranging knowledge in every single discipline to companies and organisations: consulting as well as implementing. On top of that our passion for ecological concepts and innovation in general drives us to take a closer look, if the opportunity arises.

ENERGISTO is a cooperative of self-employed entrepreneurs – democratic and non-hierarchical, unified by a common philosophy and shared values, effective through independence and flexibility.


A reflection of ENERGISTO’s personality is the cross of horse and bee. A strong, loyal and helpful companion – brave, industrious and curious.

Words become actions. With public spirit. Carried by shared values. Entrepreneurial: the biggest challenge day to day.

The ENERGISTS act personally and responsibly. Towards themselves, their colleagues and clients, without difference. We value reliable cooperation and know that effective concepts and solutions aren’t developed overnight. Instead, they grow out of mutual trust, appreciation, respect, candour and a sharing attitude. This philosophy is the result of our inner attitude and our work and project experience. Our attitude is driven by our goals:

  • to make natural energy resources available in a gentle and respecting way
  • to support and connect people and their jobs, in order to create results, that would have been impossible on one’s own
  • to be a role model for the current and coming generations
  • to foster and anchor the awareness that a balance between nature, people and economy is not only possible, but necessary.

We strive to realise projects that are of value and economically-ecologically balanced with and for other companies and people, in order to eventually leave something genuinely enduring.


A side effect is the reciprocity between the energy that we release for and within our clients and the motivation, happiness and satisfaction this brings us ENERGISTS.

To »release new energy« is our aspiration and our promise. We are not short-sighted. We seek enduring effects.

Nature delivers remarkable amounts of free energy every day to keep her ecosystem going. She serves as our role as well as our business model. When developing renewable energy power plants we do not foreground profitability. It’s above all the positive effects for people, organisations and environment that give us new power every day. From sunrise to sunset we deploy our energy passionately for the use of nature’s resources – considerate, integrating, alternative, protective, diversifying and efficient.

People are to be enabled to become independent from nuclear and fossil energy sources. In order to sustain a healthy ecosystem we want to sharpen people’s consciousness for the cause and effect mechanisms between nature and energy supply.
Also, everybody’s professional life holds the potential for releasing new energy – for themselves and their environment. Acting as companions, contributors and consultants, we can support you. Consciously freeing capacity, creating more productivity, identification and satisfaction.

With and for organisations we aim to achieve that lower carbon emissions and a consciousness for natural resources are becoming standard. Furthermore we are promoting an integrated view on a company’s energy balance through our counselling services. Here, we concentrate above all on the people, foregrounding the human part of human resources. We are there to give a hand with your workload, to accompany you, contribute or simply listen and develop a common ground with you, our clients, a basis for new ideas. Use us to sensibly outsource responsibilities and you will have more time to concentrate on what really matters. Lean and learning organisations are our goal. We stand for practical applicability, sustainable and enduring success.

Properties at a standstill are being charged with new energy by ENERGISTO. Firstly that means to revive derelict land and old real estate by putting them to a new, sensible and ecological use. We look closer and see added value in unused spaces and dilapidated buildings. Through our passion we develop concepts that are special – energy efficient, sustaining and adding value, integrating and avant-garde in content and form. Above all – with character.


In order to reach permanent success, we never stop learning. Each and every business partner, client and project adds to our treasure trove of experience: professionally, interculturally and interpersonally.

Master challenges through continuous learning. Achieve innovation together. Create permanent solutions.

Our vision is to create a learning organisation, which is characterised by its members and continuously developed through joint work. From time to time we will include new people, characters that we feel will enrich our team, and eventually form a venture of exemplary character when it comes to balancing profitability and idealistic values.

We connect to our existing capabilities learning, independence and expertise. We want to be judged by our achievements, actively contributing to the improvement of the future of nature, people and organisations.


Living values, trusting in community, working together.


Why a cooperative?

ENERGISTO eG creates a setting of trust for members and partners providing a reliable and stable structure based on a jointly defined scope of interest, action and business. On the one hand credible through cooperation, registry and statute, on the other hand a lot more flexible than traditional forms of company, e.g. plc and ltd. We cannot get bought out, we won’t collide with shareholders’ interests or those of third parties who do not share or can be associated with our vision, our joint challenge.

As our partner or our client you have to do with a group of people, who emphasize the aim and object of genuinely relevant requirements and activities and focus on solving problems and achieving results. All the while keeping a permanent and personal exchange in our group as well as a staying in constant dialogue with you. This framework is supported by economic and creative independence.


Why should you work with ENERGISTO

We believe in the power of community; one that shares values, offers complementary expertise and entrepreneurial freedom, and thus taps each member’s full potential regarding motivation and result orientation. A framework that other forms of cooperation are lacking in the long run. With us you won’t find “games” behind closed doors, patent solutions, which allegedly suit you, and no nine to five employees. You will find comprehensible services, customized to your needs and objectives, which we determine together with you. You will profit from our broad and deep practical knowledge, use of adequate resources you genuinely require and flexibility in tricky situations. This is also why networking is so important to us. We see ourselves as sparring partners and rapid reaction force. We explore new potentials and if necessary go where it hurts, before it really hurts.

We take care of assembling eligible specialists and teams, who suit you and use their own mind. None of us will assume airs and graces or invariably promise you everything under the sun. You will get to know open down-to-earth people, who act independently, and exactly because of that know what it means to be an entrepreneur. What we are not: low-priced working material, invariably and ad infinitum executing the items you put on your to do list in the way you preconceived. But for that you don’t need Energists anyway.